The South Western Railway Mazdoor Union (SWRMU) registered under No.ALC/HBL/RGN-01/2003. 
The SWRMU was formed with the inclusion of re-organised Hubli Division from South Central Railway
and Bangalore & Mysore Divisions of Southern Railway.
The SWRMU is established under the Trade Union Act, 1926.  The new zone of South Western Railway
was formed by the Govt. of India & Ministry of Railways in the year 2003. 
The SWRMU is affiliated to All India Railwaymen Federation  (AIRF), New Delhi, Hind Mazdoor Sabha
(HMS) New Delhi & International Transport Federation(ITF).

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It is required for every worker of this country to be associated with Trade Union . 
Already 32,000 employees of S.W.Rly are members of this Union.  
The Railwaymen working in Railways have every right to join in such a Trade Union (SWRMU)
to protect their interests & rights and to solve their problems if any, in the railways.
We appeal to all the leftover Railwaymen of SWR to join the SWRMU.

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