The South Western Railway Mazdoor Union (SWRMU) registered under No.ALC/HBL/RGN-01/2003. 
The SWRMU was formed with the inclusion of re-organised Hubli Division from South Central Railway and Bangalore &
Mysore Divisions of Southern Railway.
The SWRMU is established under the Trade Union Act, 1926.  The new zone of South Western Railway was formed by the
Govt. of India & Ministry of Railways in the year 2003. 
The SWRMU is affiliated to All India Railwaymen Federation  (AIRF), New Delhi, Hind Mazdoor Sabha (HMS) New Delhi &
International Transport Federation(ITF).

The SWRMU which is affiliated to AIRF is controlling the Indian Railways being the largest Federation in Indian Railways.
The SWRMU consists of Headquarters, UBL Division, SBC Division, MYS Division & 2 Major Workshops, Stores at UBL & MYS. 
The SWRMU is functioning for welfare of Railwaymen , particularly for SWR Railwaymen.  In the year 2003 the SWR started functioning with staff
strength of 33,000 and at present 41,000 employees are working in entire SWR. 
This union is not only controlling the Railwaymen but also the contract labour’s working under this railway.
This union is working as a Single Trade Union in this Railway on the basis of Secret Ballot -2013 conducted by Govt. of India & Ministry of
Railways. No other trade union exist in this Railway.
To organize the employees of the South Western Railway and to regulate their relations with their employers
To promote, protect, improve and safeguard the rights, interests, status and privileges of the South Western Railway employees by all recognized Trade Union
To promote economic, social, culture and political interests of the employees in alliance with the rest of the working class.  To promote friendly feeling and foster a
spirit of brotherhood, solidarity and co-operation amongst the Railwaymen.
To improve efficiency of the railway services.
To take part in any democratic and socialist movement for the general advancement of the working class.

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